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World Oceans Day (KSA)

This event took place at three locations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Dammam, Jeddah and Riyadh.

250 people participated and removed approximately 3.5 tons of rubbish from the locations. 75% of the rubbish removed was plastic.

Those companies and individuals involved included, Gogreen2030, Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs, Local Government agencies, Nestle Water staff and colleagues.

Main Park 2nd Ind City

Half Moon Bay 

Al-Saif Beach

Nestle Water

Nestlé are the FIRST bottled drinking water company in KSA to actively seek to take a responsibility for post-consumer plastic (PET) waste and have the future vision to recycle 100% by volume of their yearly production output within KSA. Post-Consumer Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) amounts to approximately Twenty Million 20,000,000 tons per year in KSA, or 1.72kg of MSW per citizen/resident each day.

Government regulation and intention is to reduce the volume of waste placed in landfill each year through recycling, improved waste management, and waste to energy schemes. Commencing in the central area, one of the primary aims of the program is to achieve the participation of the largest residential compounds in the Riyadh metropolitan area. This will involve approximately 10,000+ housing units and thousands of residents. 

Residential Compound Recycling

The program involves weekly COLLECTION of recyclate initially plastic bottles, aluminum cans, steel cans, glass and tetra-pak aseptic cartons.

The program will collect direct from recycling points, restaurants, schools, offices etc. as required.

To participate in this innovative program all you need to do is contact Gogreen2030.
• To be a part of a socially responsible community action
• To provide facilities/tools for your community to recycle
• To REDUCE collection costs
• To REDUCE the collection carbon foot print
• To reduce waste going directly to landfill
• To build the recycling mind-set in KSA

if you are a residential compound or facilities manager in KSA please get in touch for further information – we look forward to your contact
Program coordinator
[email protected]

Multi Purpose Bins

Residential Unit Bin

Recycle Point